CoinStarter, The First-of-its-Kind ICO Crowdfunding Platform, launches Pre-ICO on January 6th 2018

The ever-growing popularity of cryptocurrencies and interest in blockchain technology has caused a constant increase in the amount of coins and tokens issued. The technology has proven itself as a superior way of raising funds than traditional fundraising practices. The decentralized nature and the lack of involvement by regulatory and governmental authorities, gives companies greater control over their campaigns, while also making the process cheaper and more efficient.

Due to being a relatively new and complex process, many businesses looking at launching an ICO may feel overwhelmed by the additional processes required, like customizing their coin, developing their platform and creating their wallet. In addition, there’s marketing, legal and administrative operations which need to be addressed.

All of these problems with crowdfunding and ICOs are exactly the things that CoinStarter is attacking head on. CoinStarter is an first of its kind, innovative platform for launching ICOs. The user-friendly and intuitive platform brings ease-of-use to the complex world of launching an ICO. Users are provided with all of the necessary tools and guidance to launch a successful fundraising campaign.

The idea behind CoinStarter really started taking off in the middle of 2017, when within six weeks we were able to attract over 60,000 subscribers interested in launching their ICO with CoinStarter. The community has reached over 140,000 members within the last three months of beta testing. We already have over 11,000 projects being developed by our users and over 2,000 projects are waiting for approval. After reaching 80,000 community members we decided to launch our own ICO in order to develop the platform further.

One major difference between CoinStarter’s ICO and other ICOs is that, while most ICOs can only show their rough roadmap and their whitepaper, CoinStarter has already built their platform, which is in beta testing, and has gathered a community of over 140,000 loyal ICO enthuiasts.

The funds from the ICO will go directly to improving the platform even further, to introduce even more features and solutions.

The supporters of the ICO will receive StarterCoins, the utility coins of the CoinStarter platform. Within a few weeks following the ICO, StarterCoins will be available on most exchanges.

StarterCoins can be used on every CoinStarter platform including the ICO crowdfunding solutions, Businefy and CoinStarterBox platforms.

Businesses can use them to take advantage of the wide variety of tools provided by the platform and launch their ICO, manage their business through Businefy, and gain exposure and reach a dedicated audience through CoinStarterBox.

Regular users can be a part of the CoinStarterBox solutions and receive carefully curated coins of the best ICOs every month. Making it fun and easy to find new promising ICOs and get some of their coins significantly below retail price.

Imagine being a subscriber of CoinStarterBox and receiving the coins of the next Ethereum or the next Bitcoin, without even knowing it. After a year you come back to your CoinStarterBox and find out that the coins you have received from your subscription have grown thousands of times - and you didn’t even have to do any extensive research and analysis to get these coins.

The initial issue of coins will be limited to 695,800,000 which will be available during the pre-ICO and ICO. All of the coins which are not sold will be burned. The limited amount of StarterCoins means that their value is directly tied to the business model. Meaning that the value of the coin will grow with the platform. New features on the platform will increase the usability of the StarterCoins and raise their value.

The limited amount of the StarterCoin and the fact that these coins can be used to access the tools of the CoinStarter ecosystem, ensures not only a steady growth in value but also a valuable asset for those looking to take their business activities to the next level.

CoinStarter pre-ICO launches on the 6th of January, 2018 and the main ICO begins on the 20th of January. The campaign will last till 17th of February, 2018. The StarterCoin [STC] will equal 4500 STC to 1 ETH, but early participants of the pre-ICO and ICO will receive a bonus on their purchase. The earlier the purchase, the bigger the bonus.

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